First Week

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It has been a busy and fruitful week for the Spikes. At the beginning of the week, we received the rules of the 2018 FIRST robotics game which this year is called “Power Up”. We immediately began strategizing on how … Continued

LIGHT Conference

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On the last day of Hanukka, we were thrilled to host our first LIGHT conference. The goal of the conference is to encourage and inspire girls and boys to get interested and involved in all fields of STEM and to show how women … Continued

Spin Off

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On Sunday we participated in the Spin Off championship. Our new drive team got to play in areal competition and we all had a great time. Thanks to our members who presented in the judges room, we won the Champion’s … Continued

Light Conference Announcement

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We are very excited to present our new project- LIGHT. So what is LIGHT? LIGHT is a conference to empower and encourage women in science and technology. In this conference, we will listen to talks by 8 fascinating women about … Continued

Technology Convention By Motorola

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Last week we had the pleasure and honor of being invited along with FRC team 2231 OnyxTronix to a technology convention (Innovation Showcase 2017) organized by Motorola Solutions. There, we were able to expose the management and workers to FIRST, … Continued

New Purchase

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Last week we got our new CNC Router which will help us improve our manufacturing process. A big thanks to our mentors Amir Volk and Yossi Aharonovich for helping us with this purchase.

Our Learning Center is Open

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Yesterday, we opened our learning center for this year. From now on twice a weak, on Sundays and on Tuesdays, kids from elementary and middle schools from our city Lod will come  and together with volunteers from our school, we … Continued

Fundraising Event

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On Friday we organized a fundraising event in a local shopping center where we explained about FIRST and our team activity, presented our robot and let people drive it themselves.

Afeka Seminar

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During the last three days, the 8-10 of October, we joined FIRST teams from all over the country and participated in the Afeka Seminar. As always during Sukot FIRST Israel organized this amazing seminar. We were granted the opportunity to listen … Continued

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