Afeka Seminar

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During the last three days, the 8-10 of October, we joined FIRST teams from all over the country and participated in the Afeka Seminar. As always during Sukot FIRST Israel organized this amazing seminar. We were granted the opportunity to listen … Continued

Nesher visit today (01/06/17)

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Our visit to our sponsor “Nesher, Israel Cement Enterprises” was very exciting. Today we demonstrated our 2017 robot to the administration offices. It was fun to see them clapping at our robot’s achievements. The look on everyone’s face when George … Continued

Info 2017 Tel-Dan conference

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Today (May 10th 2017) we took part in the Tel-Dan info 2017 conference in Tel-Aviv. At the conference, we displayed our robot and gave a lecture about FIRST, our team, and machine learning. We had a wonderful time meeting all … Continued

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