District #1

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The first district was a blast!! We had an amazing time meeting old friends and making new ones (EvergreenšŸ¤) We are happy to announce that our Power Up robot (named: Tick Tock) didn’t disappoint! Our drivers gave it their all and our autonomous code was perfect! We were so delighted to have participated in this first district competition of the Power up! season.

We proudly reached the quarterfinals with our wonderful alliance EverGreen #7112 and Leyada Tiger Team #2679 and we were happy to take home the Entrepreneurship Award!
We want to congratulate the winning alliance MisCar #1574, Steampunk #1577 and Space Monkeys #6741 and the Chairmanā€™s Award winner D-Bug #3316. Although we had our ups and downs, we still kept on cheering and having a good time no matter what. Our team spirit is what makes us unique!

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