The Falafel is an annual robotics competition for FIRST Robotics Competition teams in Israel which was founded by alumni of the Spikes.  
The goals of the Falafel are:

  • Preparing teams for the FRC regionals.
  • Raising the level of FRC teams in Israel.
  • Improving and expanding the experience of pupils in competing and in robotics in general.

Approximately 20 FRC teams participate in the competition which takes place during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah  (December) and is hosted by one of the participating teams.

The kick off for the falafel competition takes place during the off season.  The challenge is intended to be simple, easy to understand and interesting so it will be fun and won’t require a big amount of resources. It is also designed according to a schedule that will allow students to study during the work without enormous pressure on the teams’ members.

This wonderful opportunity to practice and learn is brought to us by the MOST Group members – a non-profit organization of alumni of the FRC program in Israel and our own team – The Spikes #2212.