FIRST Robotics Competition is the hardest fun you’ll ever have. Every year, on the first Saturday of January, the “kick off” takes place. During the “kick off” FIRST organization reveals that year’s game and its rules manual. Teams from all over the world have 6 and a half weeks to design, build and program a robot best suiting the game, this time is known as the “building season”. Each teams is composed of anywhere between 20 to 60 high school students. The students are assisted by teachers, mentors, sponsors, and alumni. At the end of the building season, the robot must be sealed in a large bag, and cannot be opened until the competition.

In Israel, the competition is in the district format. There are four District Competition Events, each team participate in two of the four events. Each event is composed of two parts, qualifications and finals. During the qualifications, teams play about 9 games. In each game 2 alliances, of 3 random teams each, play against each other. After the qualifications, the 8 teams with most points pick their alliances for the finals. The finals are played as a best out of 3 between two alliances.

Teams get district points according to their ranking in addition to the awards they receive. The 45 teams continue to the Israeli District Championship. The Championship is a 3-day event. The Championship works the same way as the District Competition Event. The top 16 teams receive an invitation to the World Championship in the US.