In the 2015 Falafel game, the goal was to put rubber balls into one of two targets. you can either score the balls into the high goal, towering at 2 meters, and connected to a ramp which allows robots to come closer if needed, or they can be scored into the mobile goal, a small cart on wheels which can be pushed around. robots could also score balls into the low goals, which are located on the floor. During the last seconds of the match the cart can be pushed onto the ramp, to award the team additional points.

The game reveal: Falafel Tricks

Our robot was able to hold 4 balls at once, at shoot them into the high goal. We also made two arms with wheels on the end, which allowed the robot to grab the mobile goal, and take it with us across the court. Shooting the balls is done in a two stage process: first, there are four wheels turning quickly, speeding up enough to launch the balls once they reach them. The balls reach those launchers via rotating bands going through the robot, holding and pushing the balls one by one into the quickly spinning wheels