The goal of the game is to score as many of the game pieces in the opposing side’s trailers as possible. Empty cells must be handed to a robot by the “payload specialist” at the mid-field position known as the “outpost”. The robot must deliver the Empty Cell to their human player on one of the corners in order to get a Super Cell.

In 2009 we built a robot that was delivered balls into competing robot’s trailer-goals by shooting them in with a flywheel shooter. Balls would be sucked into the robot by a pair of rotating broom heads that would push the ball into an archemedes screw structure that would lift them and store them until we were ready to shoot. The screw mechanism was constructed of copper tubing and a sewage pipe covered in a high friction bathroom carpet. The Robot was aided by advanced control code that allowed it to accelerate optimally to keep a good grip on the low friction surface of the field and an autonomous flow that would pin opposing robots during autonomous mode in a strategic location.
This together with good match strategy (and a good human player) enabled us to reach the 18th place in the rankings, join the 4th alliance, and win the Gracious Professionalism award

Our Robot: