In Aerial Assist, teams score points by scoring big exercise balls into goals. The robots can then do either the basic goal score (take the ball to the other end of the field), or assist them in doing so. The recipient of the latter will earn bonus points. Throwing the ball over the truss (the midpoint overhang) when transferring, a la volleyball, will add even more additional points. Having an alliance partner catch it will earn bonus points.


Our robot had a drop 6 drive and two arms: one for gentle grab and release of the ball, and one for throwing it. The gentle arm was a set of rollers that went above the ball and pulled it up a ramp on the robot. The throwing arm was a hammer connected to a strong string with high hook’s constant that was slowly tightened until a the right moment in which time the break would be opened and the hammer would kick the ball, throwing it almost completely vertically. The main goal of this design was to allow quick and easy assist with other robots, completely compatible with any other system, in order to make the most assists. This year was the first time we made it to the semifinals.

Our Robot: