The game is played by two alliances of up to three teams each, and involves breaching the opponents’ defenses, known as outer work as well as capturing their tower by first firing “boulders” (small foam balls) at it, and then surrounding or scaling the tower using a singular rung on the tower wall.


       The game reveal: STRONGHOLD

       The game teaser: STRONGHOLD

Our robot has two systems: an arm and a shooter. The arm is able to move up and down, allowing us to repeatedly and quickly cross the opponent’s defenses. The shooter consists of a semi-circle, with two sets of wheels. One of the wheels is used to pick up the boulders, and then push them into the second set of wheels, which speeds up before-hand and launches them. The entire shooter system is able to turn on its axis, allowing us to aim the boulder as we see fit. these qualities brought us to our regional’s semi-finals.

         Robot teaser: