The game is played by two alliances of three teams each, and involves shooting fuel (small balls) to a boiler, providing the airship in the middle of the field with gears and climbing rope to get aboard the ship.


The game reveal: STEAMWORKS

Our robot, George, has 5 system: a shooter, a feeding system, a picking system, a gear dropper and a climber. The shooter is a wheel which speeds up then get a ball from the feeding system and shoots it. The feeding system has 2 part, one moves the balls from the robot’s body, where the balls are kept, to the second part of the feeding system, which passes the balls to the shooter. The picking system consist of rubber bands which pick the balls from the floor and take them up until they reach the end and fall into the robot’s body. The gear dropper is made out of 2 triangles that can move to open and drop the gear on the lift. The gears drop from the feeder station into the gear dropper. The climber is a wooden log with hooks which get catch on the loop in the rope. After that the log spins and warps the rope around the log which makes the robot climb the air ship and get it ready to take off.