One of our biggest projects is our learning center. The learning center was founded by our team 6 years ago, and helps children of Lod many of whom are minorities with lower socio-economic status. The learning center provides them with assistant and enrichment. The children come twice a week after school, and members of our team stay with them and tutor them in all subjects, from basic writing and reading to STEM and other fields, all according to their school’s curriculum.
For the second year now, we have teamed up with our school in order to enlarge this center which will provide help to more students. With the school’s help and cooperation we have managed to fill many classrooms with children who are all eager to learn.

This project is very important to us, as it’s our way of helping kids understand the importance of being active learners. We assist them to come fully prepared to their classrooms and to not feel helpless with their homework.

We look forward to many more years of educating and helping the children of our city.