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About Us

The Spikes #2212 is one of the first FIRST Robotics Competition teams in Israel and was founded by the students of Atid High School for Arts and Sciences in Lod in 2006.


Our team is student-led, Each year we are led by team captains who are usually chosen from among our senior team members. Our team is divided into 3 crews. Each one is led by the most suitable person for the position.  Every crew is in charge of an aspect of our management: Mechanics and Electronics, Programming and Marketing & Community Relations. Any new team member chooses which crew they would like to join. Every summer, The Spikes run a week-long summer workshop to present to our newcomers the aspects of being a part of The Spikes family, and the basics of a crew of their choice.


Our sponsors and alumni provide us with mentors who guide, teach and support us. Each mentor has their own area of expertise, which they use to advance and help the students. We are very thankful for all of the sponsors’ and mentors’ help throughout the years.

Our team is like a family and some even say that this is their second home (or their first). Being a member in our team has many benefits. You get to know and work with new people, make friends, learn new skills, develop abilities you didn’t even know you had and have a good time!

Over the years we have won many awards. In 2016 we won the Chairman’s Award and competed in the world championship in St. Louis. In 2017 we won the Quality and Entrepreneurship Awards for our robot and team management.

We contribute to our community in many ways. We run a Learning Center in our school in which we tutor students from elementary and middle school from Lod. In 2010, we started The Spikes Tikes project. Using the Kinect sensor, we created games that assist kids with their physical therapy treatments, and make them more enjoyable.Also, we found out these games helped kids both physically and emotionally. In addition, we take part in Exploding Bacons’ #1902 initiative FIRST #Like a Girl. For this project, we create short films of girls who participated in any FIRST program, in which they explain how the program encouraged  them to join STEM fields. In addition, we help spread FIRST’s values. We mentor many FIRST Lego League, FIRST Lego League Jr. and FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Moreover, we eagerly volunteer in almost all of FIRST’s events.


Our motto is: Aspire to Inspire!

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